When you book with us, we require that you have wedding insurance. Why you may ask? Well…you might not think so, but there are a lot of things that can go wrong on a wedding day. Most of those things are out of your control. So why not protect yourself from this terrible surprises.

Wedding insurance only covers things beyond your control. Like a hurricane coming in on your wedding day. You can postpone your date and get back the money you have spent so far.

It also protects against crazy pandemics that make you postpone or cancel everything. Looking at you Covid-19….you would get all the money back that you have spent so far.

We recommend getting the liability insurance because that also covers accidents related to people partying too hard at the bar. It also covers any other accidents or anything that can be a liability.

There is also a version of insurance called cancelation, but it doesn’t reimburse you because you don’t want to marry that person anymore.

So when we ask you to dish out a little bit of money for wedding insurance, we are really just trying to do what is best for you! (Especially during these crazy times…)