Here at our venue, we require that all outside vendors a couple hires has insurance. This is not only to preserve our venue, but to also watch out for fellow vendors.

The #1 reason is: it shows that they are a true professional.

Just because a vendor is doing weddings every weekend doesn’t mean that mishaps can’t happen. Professionals are proactive enough to get ahead of these problems and freak accidents. Uncle Joe hanging lights in the tree however is not covered, and if he falls off a ladder he isn’t covered by the same liability insurance a professional vendor would have, so more than likely the bill will fall back on you.

Another reason: it gives your venue peace of mind.

When a florist you hired comes in, and doesn’t follow the venue rules, such as using nails in the walls to hang greenery, the responsibility isn’t on the couple to pay for the repairs. It is up to that florist’s insurance to pay us back.

It just gives us a sense of comfort knowing that if another vendor didn’t take care of our property, we wouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for the damages.

The last reason I will give is: it protects you as the client.

Like I said earlier, if you have a family member or friend or even an uninsured vendor, and someone gets hurt or causes damages, it falls back on you and you will have to pay for whatever damages occurred.

So better safe than sorry! Weddings are already expensive as it is. No need to add extra expenses for somethings so simple!