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Here at Parker Pines Events, we are all about family. That’s why we created our packages to maximize the time you can have with yours while celebrating your wedding day!

MEET Sarah

Sarah is the venue Coordinator for Parker Pines Events. She’s no longer a Parker (she got married YAY!), but she is so excited to have a job where family is #1! She is a certified wedding planner and owns her wedding planning business as well! She decided to join the family business because she believes her knowledge in the wedding industry can help couples through the process from start to finish!

We are a family owned and operated business. The farm is owned by the Parker Family: Stan, Denise, and Sarah. In 2016, the property was bought with the intention to turn around and sell it to a major corporation. However, the family quickly fell in love with the property and began using it as a gathering place of family and friends. In 2018, Sarah got married and inspired the family to turn the property into a weddings and event venue. Now the dream be is a reality as we share our beautiful, modern, rustic venue with you and your family! We hope to see you here, at Parker Pines Events to celebrate!

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